Six Celebrities That Changed Their Look With Drastic Lumineers

Celebrities are well-known for changing their looks in expensive and extravagant ways, for fame, for roles and sometimes just because they can. But one popular trend among the super famous that is also a realistic option for the average consumer is lumineers! This latest advancement in cosmetic dental adjustments can whiten teeth, change the shape and form in the mouth and correct natural imperfections like gaps, grooves and discoloration. This is all possible without missing work, hospitalization or too obvious a change.

Do you know some of your favorite celebrities that have undergone this impressive procedure? Here are six celebrities who have had drastic and memorable results, while still keeping their procedures relatively private and subtle.

Morgan Freeman ~ Morgan Freeman has smile that radiates from the inside out. In his performances, it is often hard to discern whether that smile is a sincere sign of goodness or an ominous warning of things to come, but no character has gone without it. Freeman's teeth had naturally yellowed with age and he had some space between them. This was all corrected with cosmetic dentistry. The change is not just about his smile, but an entire transformation in confidence and demeanor that he carries into every audition and interview.

Demi Moore ~ Demi Moore is more than famous for her breathtaking beauty, but few of us can remember the beginning of her career, when her teeth were somewhat crooked and had begun to discolor. Having them straightened and whitened with lumineers was fast and easy. She is now recognized regularly for looking much younger than her true age, due in part to those fabulous teeth!

Miley Cyrus ~ As a young child and even a budding actress, less than perfect teeth can fit right in to a toothy grin and silly personae. But once Miley got older and wanted a more polished look for her upcoming career as an adult, a straight and striking smile completed her new image and shiny future. Like everyone on this list, her new look is perfect and natural, a clear improvement without highlighting the need.

Celine Dion ~ It's hard to imagine any part of Celine Dion not looking stage-ready at all times, but once upon a time her teeth were a little too big for her mouth and face. She had them shortened and updated with lumineers in the 90s and has never looked back!

Nicholas Cage ~ Nicholas Cage is rarely photographed without a huge smile that invites everyone in. For a curious role in the 80s, he actually had two teeth removed. Of course that look wasn't great for anything else. An entire set of veneers gave him a new look and we've since seen his career take off!

Zac Efron ~ Can someone as young as heartthrob Zac Efron benefit from veneers and whitening? Of course! Sometimes we just have crooked or otherwise flawed teeth from a very young age, regardless of our dental habits or what our parents have taught us. Considering his youth, it's safe to say that his pearly whites were the only physical change taking him from boy next door to uber teen sensation!

Correcting a physical flaw, however slight, can remedy things that may have plagued someone their entire lives, affecting friendships, social opportunities and aspirations.

The sparkling makeover that dental correction can bring is not just for the super affluent and famous. Anyone can attain the same life-changing transformation that comes with a fabulous new smile. Contact us to learn about everything from small procedures to entire new sets of lumineers for you or a loved one. We can work with any patient and any budget.

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