How to Get Your Teeth Ready for the Holidays

How to Get Your Teeth Ready for the Holidays

Even though it's hard to believe, it's already time for the holiday season! Between all the shopping, parties, school events, and family gatherings, the holiday season is the busiest time of year for most people.

Since people are often overwhelmed with busy schedules this time of year, oral hygiene often becomes neglected. Rather than accumulating cavities or suffering with terrible pain through the first of the year, use these tips to get your teeth ready for the holidays.

1. Moderate Your Intake of Sweets: Between hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, candy canes, and pie, the holidays present you with too many options for sweet foods. Eating too much sugar can lead to an increased amount of plaque and cavities. While you don't need to avoid holiday treats entirely, limit the amount you eat and avoid hard candies like peanut brittle which could result in a cracked tooth. You can also rinse with water after eating something sweet and brush more frequently to combat the sugar intake.

2. Keep a Good Routine: Since the holiday season is very hectic, many may forget to keep up with their normal oral care routines. It is important to remember to brush and floss twice daily. If you are rushed in the morning, or staying away from home, carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with you, so you can always take care of your teeth on-the-go. Oral health is directly related to overall health, so keeping a good routine can ward off infections and other problems.

3. Be Prepared to Travel: If your holiday plans are taking you out-of-town this season, it is important to pack everything necessary to keep up your oral care routine. Aside from a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash, you should also carry an emergency kit in case of an oral crisis. This can include sterile water, gauze, pain relievers, and temporary adhesive. This way, if someone should crack a tooth you are prepared to deal with the problem until you can get to a dentist. You may also want to speak to your dentist, before traveling, to ask if they have any recommendations for a dentist in the area you are visiting.

4. Whiten Your Teeth: The holiday season may be stressful for people if they feel embarrassed about their smile. Perhaps, your teeth are not as white as you would like them, so the idea of taking holiday pictures or seeing distant relatives makes you anxious. Talk to your dentist about a pre-holiday teeth whitening to bring your pearly whites up to par. Professional teeth whitening is a simple procedure, and when maintained, lasts for years.

5. Repair Your Smile: Do you have difficulty or pain while chewing? Are you embarrassed to take pictures because of your crooked teeth? These problems can cause even more anxiety during the holiday season, because of holiday meals and visits with relatives. Consider making an appointment to speak with your dentist about cosmetic dentistry or Invisalign to help repair your smile, and get you back to enjoying all the wonderful aspects of the holiday season.

6. Start the New Year Off Right: A New Year means a fresh start. After the holidays are over, make appointments for the whole family to visit the dentist for check-ups and cleanings. A professional cleaning can help reduce the effects that the holiday eating and stress had on your teeth, and your dentist can identify any other problems if present.

Don't let the holidays keep you from maintaining a good oral care routine. Use these tips to keep your mouth healthy this season! If you would like to schedule an appointment, or if you have questions regarding our dental services, please contact us today!

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